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Everyone likes to get a deal. You might consider having a special promotions section on your Web site. You’ll want to change your promotion fairly frequently and let your site visitors know: “We change our specials every week. Bookmark
our site and keep checking back!”

You might employ permission marketing here as well: “We change our discount packages every week. Click here if you’d like to be notified when we update” or “Join our e-club and receive our e-zine, advance notice of deals, members-only e-specials, and other great stuff every week.” If you send e-specials via email, make sure you give viewers a reason to visit your site and provide the appropriate hypertext links in the email.

Make it easy to have your site visitors tell their friends about your specials or vacation packages. Have a “Tell a friend about this special” or “Tell a friend about this package” or even a “Share This” button placed next to each one of your special promotions. You can leverage the viral marketing with an incentive: “Tell three friends about our special and be included in a drawing for (something appropriate for your target market).”

Again, look for other sites that are frequented by your target market when they are looking for related information to see if you can have your specials or packages promoted on their sites. Leverage by sending your specials, promotions, and packages as tweets or posts in your social media.


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