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The Internet is most business people’s primary source of information. When they need something, want to know something or want to learn something, they go online to find it. Sometimes they are ready to spend. What are the chances they will find you? And if they do, what will they find when they get to your website?Even if your business requires physical interaction with customers, blogging can help direct customers to you rather than to your competition. It can help position you as an expert and give you authority, credibility, and a competitive edge in the marketplace.If you are a business owner, you need a blog.What Exactly Is a Blog?A blog is really just another type of website. What makes the two different is the type of content and how it is presented. A typical business website has a static format. It is designed to display information on products or services in a fairly consistent manner, and is usually only updated to add new products, price changes, or other standard information.Blogs are updated consistently and relatively frequently and the content goes beyond the information contained on the average website.Before blogs came along, webmasters had to create and upload new web pages each time they wanted to add new content. Blogs do the same thing, but are much more efficient and user-friendly.Website information is generally organised by category. Blog content, however, is organised both by category and chronologically, with the newest content first. Unlike static websites that replace old, outdated pages with new ones, blogs continually add new content while continuing to display older entries.While blog entries can be sorted according to category or topic, the appeal is in the chronological progression and the ability to see every entry, including those that are months or even years old.Probably the most appealing factor, though, is the reader’s ability to develop a virtual relationship with the blogger. This does not necessarily mean that blogs need to be written on a personal level. In fact, many corporate blogs are not even written in the first person. Blog posts about corporate news are not necessarily there to generate sales, but help build a company’s brand. Of course, many corporate blogs do refer to specific product information, and some companies have one of each.Readers are always looking for new content and more information, and will visit a blog frequently in the hopes of finding a new and interesting post. A blog is the perfect vehicle to attract and develop a following of people interested in your products or service.I would like to leave you with one final thought. Google and Bing are also looking for the newest information about your products and services. Shouldn’t you be the one that is passing that information their way?

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