Appealing to Magazine Subscribers on the Net, What Exactly Are E-zines

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Appealing to Magazine Subscribers on the Net

Many Web users frequently read e-zines. This is one of the reasons they are among the most popular marketing tools on the Internet. Five years ago there were a few hundred e-zines in publication. Now there are thousands of e-zines dedicated to a wide variety of topics such as family relations, travel, business, finance, health, you name it. For any topic you are interested in, there quite likely are several e-zines dedicated to it.

 What Exactly Are E-zines

E-zines, or electronic magazines, are the online version of magazines. They are content-rich and contain information regarding a certain topic in the form of magazine articles and features. Many e-zines display ads as well. Some e-zines are Web-site-based and others are email-based.

Many offline magazines provide a version online as well (Figure 17.1). TIME magazine, Seventeen, Business Travel News, and National Geographic are all accessible via the Internet. Some of these sites provide the full version of their traditional magazine; others are selective about the articles they provide; and still others provide the previous month’s edition.

Time Magazine is an example of a traditional magazine that has an online version.

SnowRider provides a great ezine of interest to those who enjoy snowmobiles and ATVs.

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