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Web-Based E-zines, Email E-zines, Using E-zines as Marketing Tools

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Web-Based E-zines

There are many Web-based e-zines that have only an online presence. These e-zines are accessed through Web sites by browsing from page to page. They have the look and feel of traditional magazines and include lots of pictures and advertisements. Usually there is no charge to view Web-based e-zines, but some do charge a subscription fee. These Web-based e-zines tend to be as graphically pleasing as offline magazines.

Email E-zines

Although email e-zines can come as text or as HTML, these days we are seeing most in HTML as they get a much higher readership. Today we are seeing a blur between newsletters and email e-zines as most newsletters now are sent as HTML and most are content-rich on a specific subject.

Email-based e-zines tend to be very content-rich and, as such, tend to be more of a target-marketing mechanism. Email e-zines tend to be several screens in length with one main article or several short articles and, sometimes, they include classified advertising. The benchmark is that these e-zines should be able to be read in about five minutes. Circulation is often in the thousands. Most run weekly or biweekly editions and are free to subscribers.

People interested in the subject of the e-zine have taken the time to subscribe and have asked to receive the information directly in their email box. Once you have found an e-zine that caters to your target market, that e-zine could be a valuable marketing vehicle.

A major advantage when you advertise in this type of medium and place your Internet address in the ad is that your prospective customer is not more than a couple of clicks away from your site.

People subscribe to e-zines because they are interested in the information that is provided. Even if they don’t read it immediately when it is received, they usually read it eventually. Otherwise, they would not have subscribed. No matter when they take the time to read it, if you advertise in these e-zines or have your business, products, or services profiled, subscribers will see your URL and advertisements. For this reason, email e-zines are a great marketing tool.

Using E-zines as Marketing Tools

Online publications are superior marketing tools for online businesses for several reasons. They can be used in a number of ways to increase the traffic to your Web site. You can:

  • Advertise directly
  • Be a sponsor
  • Submit articles
  • Send press releases
  • Be a contributing editor
  • Start your own e-zine.


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