Avoiding Black Friday Crowds: Why Buying Gift Cards Online Is The Smart Choice

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Do you dread the annual Black Friday madhouse at your local mall? Millions of people go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving each year, clutching Black Friday coupons in their hands. However, more people each year are realizing that the battle against hordes of shoppers isn’t worth it. The advent of online shopping and the availability of gift cards online have dimmed the allure of going to the mall.Why Black Friday Can Be A DisappointmentBlack Friday shopping is immensely popular because retailers offer special sales, Black Friday coupons, and unique savings that are only good on the day after Thanksgiving. Popular Black Friday coupons include buy one get one free, 10% to 25% off with a minimum purchase, and buy one, get one half off.While they certainly boost retail sales for the stores, it can have some serious limitations for shoppers. Many of the specials offered are good only if you bring in a coupon you’ve clipped from the newspaper or found on the internet. Others may only be good until 10:00 am or noon. It can be frustrating if you find what you need only to realize you left the coupon at home or missed the cut-off time.Because these specials are only available on Black Friday, stores and malls get inundated with shoppers, all after the same amazing deals. With seemingly everyone and their brother shopping the same day, it’s almost inevitable that tempers will flare. Long waits in line to pay for your purchases are the norm, and you may get to the register only to find out there are exclusions on your coupons. You may discover you can’t use them for perfumes, makeup, shoes, electronics, or a long list of other popular present items.Buy Gift Cards Online And Avoid The CrowdsYou may believe that you can’t afford to avoid the Black Friday sales because the deals are so good, but be sure to take into account the pitfalls of shopping when everyone else does. There are several advantages to these vouchers that you won’t find using Black Friday coupons.• You may get to the store only to discover they are out of items they stocked in limited quantities, wasting a trip and ending up with nothing. If you buy gift cards online, you don’t have to worry about stock – these vouchers are always available.• There are no guarantees the product you want will be available in the size or color you’re looking for, prompting you to settle for second best. Gift cards are a one-size-fits-all solution.• Black Friday isn’t convenient – the stores are packed, it’s almost impossible to find parking, and you could wait as long as an hour in line at some stores to pay for your purchases. You can shop online for gift cards 24 hours a day, seven days a week without having to leave home.• You’ll probably have to miss some specials because all the stores tend to offer the best deals in the morning only. You simply can’t be in several places at once.Buy Gift Cards Online For ConveniencePurchasing gift cards on the internet is easy and quick. You can give everyone on your wish list a present they’ll love without having to walk for miles through parking lots and malls. There are numerous retailers, including boutique style stores and major department store chains, that offer these vouchers online. You’re bound to find a great gift card for everyone on your list, from your boss to your spouse.Just say no to the hustle and frustration of Black Friday shopping this year. Pick some gift cards online and you’ll be finished shopping in no time, without the headache. You can decide when you want to shop and exactly how much you want to spend instead of searching for a coupon that makes that perfect present affordable. You can get these vouchers in any amount you choose and let the recipient pick whatever the like.You Can Get Real Savings When You Buy Gift Cards OnlineAlthough you can save a lot of money shopping on Black Friday, there are drawbacks. Restrictions on coupons (only one per customer, not valid on certain items, no rain checks, etc.) can lead to disappointment. That’s not the case when you give these vouchers as presents – they will always be available in any amount you want.There are several ways to save money when buying gift cards. First, you don’t have to waste time, energy and money dashing from store to store trying to get the best deals and the best selection. You can also find great deals such as mail-in rebates, cash back awards with purchase, and percentage discounts if you shop carefully and buy your gift cards online.

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