Schneider Electric contributes to reducing over 90 million tons of carbon emissions by 2022

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Schneider Electric Achieves 12% Organic Growth, Helps Clients Reduce Over 90 Million Tons of Carbon Emissions in 2022

Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation digital transformation, reports a 2022 turnover of 34,176 million euros worldwide, representing a 12% organic growth. The company has been recognized in Corporate Knights’ Global 100 list of Most Sustainable Corporations for its business sector for the 12th consecutive year. Schneider Electric highlights its success in promoting sustainability among its clients worldwide by sharing best practices and providing solutions and services. In 2022, the company assisted clients in reducing carbon emissions by over 90 million tons, showcasing its flagship solutions, software, and digital solutions that enable businesses to operate sustainably.

Stephane NUSS, Schneider Electric ‘s Cluster President for Thailand, Myanmar and Laos said “2022 was an outstanding year for Schneider Electric globally for that it earned the highest revenue over the past year, achieving an earning of 34,176 million euros, which was an increase of 12% from last year.  All of this is a result of strong progress that they make each year. Not only does it have a spot in the 2023 Global 100 list of Most Sustainable Corporations for 12 consecutive years and number one in the sector, but is also ranked as the world’s most sustainable corporation in 2023.”

Working together to fight climate change and creating sustainability is a major challenge for every business as it requires collaboration from all levels and all organizations to be able to accelerate sustainability. 

Schneider Electric is committed to its climate and social commitments, such as sustainable investment.  Gender Equality Policy and costs related to sustainability including inventing new innovations that helps the organization towards sustainability Schneider Electric solutions and services have helped customers around the world reduce carbon by 440 million tonnes since 2018. In 2022, this can be said to be 90 million tonnes and a sustainable world in parallel because the most efficient use of resources. It’s the best solution to keep the world alive. 

Stephane Nuss continued, “We have made outstanding global software acquisitions to sharpen EcoStruxure’s strength and lead clients toward a more comprehensive sustainability journey. Whether it is industrial software such as AVEVA, IGE+XAO, ETAP for electrical clients and software RIB, or Planon for buildings, we are ready to provide end-to-end experience to all customers. All of this software can be connected to our systems for IoT operations, allowing us to create an Industry Twin and Energy Twin, which is a virtual model of architecture, devices, and processes that allows customers to see the real-time performance of the systems as well as forecast and analyze energy consumption with accuracy. This solution enables customers to achieve complete sustainability and reduce errors before and after implementing sustainability solutions.”  

Schneider Electric Thailand is an organization that is committed to knowledge and technology transfer for sustainability. In 2022, the company initiated a program called Green Heroes for Life, aiming to empower citizens, businesses, and institutions to be environmentally conscious by creating activities for energy-efficient practices that encouraged the implementation of efficient energy management such as the use of renewable energy, solar energy, automation, digital, and new concepts of electrical system management to achieve sustainability goals both at individual and organizational levels. This effort will eventually lead to building sustainable organizations and life. Organizations joining this program include the Provincial Electricity Authority, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, True IDC, Supernap Thailand, Arun Plus, WHA Utility and Power, STT GDC Thailand, DHL Supply Chain (Thailand), and many more.  

In addition, this July 2023, Schneider Electric is preparing to host Innovation Summit Bangkok 2023, an event that will bring together Schneider Electric’s technologies in one place, displaying solutions and technologies that will help create sustainability for business and the world. 

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