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Home improvement projects are expensive, and most homeowners choose to
finance the project. Having a high credit rating makes obtaining a home
improvement loan easy. While bad credit will not enable a homeowner
from securing financing, the chances of getting a good rate are low. Here
are a few options available to help homeowners get approved for a bad
credit home improvement loan.Secured Home Improvement LoanIf your credit rating is low, lenders will not approve a loan
application for an unsecured loan. Hence, homeowners must resort to applying for
a secured personal loan, which requires collateral.When home improvements are necessary, many homeowners take advantage of
their home’s equity. There are two types of home equity loan options,
and both are secured by your home’s equity. If applying for a home
equity loan, homeowners may acquire a lump sum of money that can be used for
any purpose. Common uses include home improvement projects, debt
consolidation, etc.Another option involves the home equity line of credit. With this loan
option, homeowners open a line of credit with a mortgage lender. As
needed, the homeowner may withdraw funds from the account using a debit
card or checkbook. This option is ideal for homeowners who are
undertaking many home improvement projects over an extended length of time.Other Loan Options for Home Improvement ProjectsBecause home equity loan options are secured by a home’s equity,
homeowners must maintain regular payments. Defaulting on a home equity loan
has serious consequences. To avoid the risk of losing their home and
equity, some homeowners explore other options.If needing to finance a quick, low-cost home improvement project,
homeowners with poor credit may consider applying for a short term cash
advance loan. Some cash advance lenders offer loans up to $3000. This is
ideal for small home improvement projects.Cash advance loan companies require repayment of funds within 14 to 30
days. Before applying for a short term loan, borrowers should evaluate
their personal finances. Loans require no credit check or collateral.
However, if a borrower fails to repay the loan or make payment
arrangements, the loan company can seek a judgment against the borrower.

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