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10 Suratthani
The source of the proverbial Chaiya salted egg. Surat Thani is a province with many attractions, both land, and water. It is also a historical city that has a history in front of the chronicles of Siam for a long time. If you still can’t think of which Thai tourist destinations Surat Thani has to offer, Koh Samui… The most popular tourist island in the Gulf of Thailand. Moreover, it is also the province of Guilin, Thailand – Khao Sok. A peaceful riverside house that many of you fall in love with and often secretly escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. And another interesting thing about Surat Thani that few people know This province is the origin of the school rambutan.


9 Khon Kaen
The main province of Isan is both an economic and educational center. In addition, the northeastern region in this area is as old as the Jurassic period. Excavated dinosaur bones have been excavated in the Phu Wiang area. In addition, Khon Kaen is the city that enshrines relics of Buddhists in many sacred temples. And if you are a nature trip Like to update social media with beautiful views There are many styles of photography spots in Khon Kaen for you to show off, including waterfalls, lakes, and the viewpoint on the cliffs. To the Dok Khun yellow glowing road, It can be said that it is a perfect place for photography lovers.

khon Kaen

8 Krabi
Hundreds of islands and coral diving spots that are famous around the world. Did you know that Krabi has more than 30 dive sites in the Andaman Sea? Moreover, this province in the Kham Khwan area is also a study center for humanity that has only a long time. Then take a rough calculation from the 45 million-year-old mausoleum that stands tall as evidence of the first human settlement in the Khlong Thom area and caves in the area and not just a remarkable sea attraction, but the forests, waterfalls, and the Chao Le community here are definitely not to be missed.


7 Ubon Ratchathani
Amazing travel to Thailand with the Grand Canyon northeast – three thousand waving strange and beautiful. But Ubon, not just three thousand waving But there is still a place to see beautiful nature Many scenes of Unseen. It is also the first light of day in Thailand at Pha Chanadai. The first sunrise spot in the country (I already told you that this Ubon is Amazing) and if you are a hip Like visiting the old town, wooden houses and traditional Khemmarat communities, Rimkhong district will make you fascinated by the charm of the local people who are hospitable to the visitors.

ubon ratchathani

6 Chiang Rai
Another famous city in northern Thailand, traveling in Thailand The former Lanna old town that has both good traditions and culture. Habitat for many hill tribes – The source of woven fabrics and exquisite crafts. Natural, eye-catching And the location of another world-famous check-in point in Thailand – Wat Rong Khun Although if compared then Chiang Rai may not have as many entertainment venues as Chiang Mai But if talking about traveling to Thailand, enjoying the unseen landscape or full natural touch Chiang Rai is definitely not as good as anywhere else. And if you are a coffee lover, Love Tea wants to follow in the footsteps of the Forest Restoration Project to be sustainable And want to study the northern Thai arts and sculpture Chiang Rai will be the right destination.

Chiang Rai

5 Udon Thani
Another major economic city in the northeast that has an international airport. Guaranteeing the internationalization and the extreme development, not unlike the capital city Udon Thani During the past 10 years, there have been many developments. Many tourist sites have been developed. And many more have been rebuilt In addition, historical and cultural attractions such as the world of civilization in Ban Chiang Historical Park, Wat Phu Phu Temple, and Sacred Forest Temple It is considered as one of the highlights that attract Thai and foreign tourists to travel to Udon Thani uninterrupted.

4 Songkhla
Songkhla’s famous district that many people may misunderstand that this is another province or not. Hat Yai is considered an important economic center of the southern region. And is a diverse area of ​​ethnicity and culture from both Chinese, Thai, Buddhist, Muslim and other Laypeople. Who settled here All of this results in Hat Yai having an interesting local culture. There is also a food source, business center and an old charming town in front of Phuket Old Town. The type that is checked in, uploading another popular Instagram image that has it all. In addition, the natural attractions in Hat Yai are also as beautiful as any other seaside town as well.


3 Phuket
The most popular tourist destination in southern Thailand And is the largest island in the country In addition to Phuket, there are good places to visit the sea and the natural resources on the beautiful island. Phuket is also an important source of Thai history and culture. Is a city with many peoples settled to create interesting local culture Local food sources here include authentic Chinese food. Delicious fresh seafood Until reaching the southern restaurant? Not including international fusion restaurants that are open until Michelin must visit. In addition, there are not many remaining Sino-Portuguese buildings today. And Dong Street Art in Phuket is considered hip and popular in the top spots. Of the country.


2 Chiang Mai
Woo Northern, experience the charm of Lanna The famous tourist city of the north and is a popular tourist destination of Thai people for a long time. Aside from being the city that houses many ancient sacred temples Chiang Mai is also a famous source of northern and international food, as you can expect that authentic French cuisine can be found in Chiang Mai. In addition, the northern city is also a famous source of art, including artwork, original craftsmen and a new generation of street art that has been blended with antiques that are unobtrusive.

Chiang Mai

1 Bangkok
Bangkok, the city of Fah Amon, the capital of Thailand, which is a center of entertainment for the whole family. You might think of a famous department store. Tall buildings, but do not forget that in the old city of Bangkok There are temples and historical landmarks and many cultural attractions. Moreover, Bangkok is also a great source of food Whether Thai kitchens from all directions and international cuisine from every corner of the world, there are many to choose from. In the latest Michelin Guide, he has just reviewed Bangkok again, whether you are a citizen or not. capital But you travel to Bangkok All corners together or still mentioned if there is no plan to travel anywhere in Thailand Try roam around the city together? Guaranteed to cry Wow.

Bangkok, Thailand
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