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It’s the day after Black Friday and you’re sitting in your warm home, looking at bags and bags of merchandise which you got on sale. You got such a deal! The sales were fabulous! You’re thinking back to when you were in the stores and you noticed something on your way to the checkout. You weren’t going to buy it, but it was so cheap and you were caught up in the excitement and grabbed it. Now you’re sitting there wondering if you should return it.As you get to the store to return your item(s), you notice a few dozen other shoppers doing the same thing. You were all having Black Friday euphoria and bought everything in sight. You all are feeling guilty and knowing that your credit card statement will prove how wrong you are.It’s better to restrain yourself during your shopping trip. Make your list the night before and stick to it. It’s not fair on the store owners to have half their merchandise returned a few days to a month after it was purchased. It’s also not very kind to the store employees who have to work extra hours because you weren’t in the right frame of mind when shopping on Black Friday.By all means, have fun in the excitement of Friday’s shopping, but be aware of your list and your budget. If you think there’s a chance you might not want it tomorrow – don’t get it. Manage your money wisely by making smart shopping choices.

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