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Although setting your primary objectives is vital, it is just as important to identify your secondary objectives. By setting appropriate secondary objectives, you will be more prepared to achieve all of your online goals. Many companies identify only primary objectives for their Web site and completely neglect secondary objectives that can help them succeed online. Following are some common secondary objectives to consider:

  • Your site should be designed to be search engine friendly.
  • Your site should promote your blog and other social media accounts, and vice versa.
  • Your site should be designed to encourage repeat traffic.
  • Your site should have viral marketing elements that encourage visitors to recommend your products or services to others.
  • Your site should incorporate permission marketing, where visitors are encouraged to give you permission to send them email, newsletters, and e-specials on a regular basis.
  • Your site should be designed to encourage customer loyalty.
  • Your site should incorporate stickiness and interactive elements, encouraging visitors to stay a while and visit many areas of the site.


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