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Everyone is blogging these days on everything. Topics range from family to business with all the rest. And there’s an audience for each subject. How cool and fun as blogging is, there are no written rules. This could be good or bad depending on the topic of blog, blogger and the audience. For business blogs, but there are things you should never do. Read on to find out what they are.1. Talk about bad experiences with the client sharing client on your website is bad for several reasons. But the two most important reasons not to do so in order to act to: 1) it ‘s very professional SA, can read volumes about your character and 2) it is your customers talking. If you feel the need to say one things for customers to talk. Report how their companies have improved as a result of your products or services. You can even how you have grown professionally because of your relationship with the client. Do not risk ruining your relationship and future references to the words on your site. It ‘s just not worth IT.2. Discuss the topic keep personal issues out of your personal blog, unless the information help you make a very good point. Beexample of this, what you share. People are sharing on social sites and your corporate blog is not the place to air personal laundry.3. Be negative words create energy. You can feel the energy used by the words in your blog. Try blogs, if you are not your best self.4. Sell ​​your blog is a no-no. You can tell how people will benefit from your products and services, you can even recommend your products every now and then. No – under any circumstances – how all this shouting, “Hey, buy my product or service ” 5 Use profanitySwearing is unprofessional. Period. No matter how good, what you do, you can proceed with your choice of words.6 people. Discuss race, religion, politics, gender or sexual orientationThere simply no reason to discuss these issues, unless you are looking for waitresses are Hooters.7. Stop posting without warning you need to stop blogging for some reason, please tell your audience. To stop without warning to a loss of supporters and potential outcomes business.Above are things you should never do on company blogs. As you know, presentation is everything, and your blog can befirst meeting with people, you and your business. If you do everything you want in your question in writing blog, simply leave out. You will be better it.What are other things that you have never been on a corporate blog?

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