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If you surf the Internet regularly you might have noticed that it seems that almost everyone online has a blog of their own now. But what you won’t find is many business websites using blogs to help improve the income of their businesses. What they need is some business blogging 101 to get them started!Their failure to seize this opportunity is despite the fact that this really is a very easy thing to do. If they could follow just one or two simple blogging strategies they could easily start to make more online and use a blog to boost their business income and profits.There is an easy way to start doing this and really any business website could do it today. All a business needs to do is to create a blog on their site which is dedicated just to the different aspects of their business. Blogging for business is, in fact, probably easier than you think.If this is you then please realize that you should not expect to make money directly from the articles and posts that you write to your blog. This may happens occasionally, but in most cases you should just plan on using your new business blog to promote your brand and what you do in your business. And when relevant you could also advertise any special sales promotions and customer events that your business organizes.Another great use for your business blog would be to give away gifts such as free products, trials or services from your business in response to a competition or survey of some sort. Or even just get your readers to suggest improvements or ask questions related to your business and what it does. You should also promote your business in any other way you can think of such as listing any special awards or achievements that your business has gained over the years.Your new business blog should be considered a great way to make all your customers, both exiting and new, feel more in touch with your business, as it will allow them to communicate with you more easily. Without doubt it is an even more competitive world out there than it used to be and finding new customers as well as keeping the existing ones is getting even harder.Today all consumers are totally free to spend their money wherever they feel they get the best deal. But if they have a closer connection with you and your business they may be more reluctant to go elsewhere if you have built up some trust with them and your business blog can help you do this. There are 101 reasons why they might buy from your competitors, but a blog can help you reduce this risk. Customer retention is key to a successful business, wherever you are.You will soon come to realize that a good business blog will allow you to communicate directly with your customers. If they use a blog feed reader or subscribe to email updates of your blog posts or actually visit your site regularly, it will help with making them think they are actually more like friends rather than customers.Maintaining customer loyalty is very difficult in this tough economy as all consumers are now spending less money and not shopping as frequently as before. If you can write posts to your business blog that makes your customers feel more connected and part of a community then your attempts to build this type of loyalty will be more successful.So if you are now considering starting a blog for your business then try and write one that will actually help you grow your business. This will make it all worthwhile. And to be honest it could be a far more valuable use of your valuable time and daily efforts. If your business blog is well written and updated frequently you will find that this is a low cost way to effectively promote your business and create more loyal customers.

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