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If you ‘s an entrepreneur or corporate executive, but you don ‘ t even publish a blog, I know what you ‘re thinking: “What ‘ s great thing about blogs that have Aren ? ‘t they just online journals? “Well, yes and no. Let me explain.What is a blog? “Blog ” is a shortened version of the “blog ” is a term frequently updated Web sites that describe a column to ensure permanent information. Blogs are published using a third-party content management, it is easy to handle – even for the evolution BlogsIn beginners.The the “start ” days of blogging, most blogs were likely personal. Blog Authors to read their thoughts in writing daily for restaurants and thoughts of friends and family. While the blog diary style is still common today, is developing a variety of other types of blogs as well. Today, blogs full range of personal, educational, political, promotion, etc. Blogs Business is usually the case with Internet technology, it wasn ‘t take long for businesses, the potential benefits of blogs. Early Adopters See business blog to share the company had the courage, internal processes with their customers. Many people find that opening found refreshing, and he talked about the effectiveness of business processes over the years blogs.OverThe years have caused tens of thousands of blogs the company’s business in life. Some of these blogs have been successful by offering comments hire, new and useful information society leaders for clients. But how many business blogs have failed because of their misunderstanding of their respective owners medium.Why Should I blog? Corporate blogs are becoming popular for a number of reasons. With its friendly interface, people update their blogs more often than they can update their sites regularly. Some of the most popular blogs are updated once or twice a day. In addition to adding the freshness and usefulness of a website, this search engine also improves visibility.Blogs also social, interactive element to your site because you are on a function, comments from readers and lively allows customer contact. If such an interaction develops over time, it can have serious effects.What Should I blog on some corporate blogs that are the most popular published by “brain ” in their respective industries. The authors of these blogs have the courage, had to share anonymous behind their corporate Web sites to their true thoughts and feelings about their products, businesses and industries. These authors also find that blogis not the place for a brochure or other promotional copy content.To agree to an idea of ​​how you could create a company blog, this look is already popular and successful. Here are some suggestions to start: Seth Godin ‘s Weblog: The Small Business Blog: Matt Cutts ‘John Jantsch Google Blog: Bob Parson ‘ s CEO Blog http : / / the many personalities of the activity BlogOne what you ‘s notice of each of these blogs is that they have their own style and personality. This is because the authors have their own style and charisma, and the best corporate blogs are truly representative of the authors ‘ personalities.Summary BenefitsA business blog Blogging can help improve your site fresh and your rankings search engines. Take some corporate blogs on a life of its own, attracting more attention than the company ever wanted to attract. The blogs also expand your business communication with customers by promoting optimal use of all dialogue.Perhaps that blogs are flexible enough to support business objectives, so that you can determine how your blog is managed and how your communication objectives to help you .* You may publish this article online if you retain the source and the active participationLinks below. Copyright 2006, Brandon Cornett.

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