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City of Wonder is a game developed by Facebook Playdom. The game is to build and expand its own city through ancient times. City Of Wonder how many other games in this category can sometimes be frustrating. Because it can take days to reach the next level, or require a significant amount of money to spend on decorating or at your city. This should not be a game paid. City of Wonder should be played for free. Buying gold is usually the last resort for many players, after he was so frustrated because he was not able to level up faster than wished.Some techniques to level up quickly so simple that people often overlooked. For example, the calculation, to cultivate the property and the happy balance between his people and more money. For most people, they just do things blindly, which could lead them in the wrong game or their people to be unhappy. Most players drop out completely after immensely frustrated.I think we should be really great as a game City of Wonder enjoy free, because the best free things don ‘t they?At the end of the day, if you know which products to grow and build the cultural building at some point, you are one of the best players in the City of Wonder no time. Remember, only by trial and error, you can come up with the best strategy for you.


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