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One of my blog reader wrote the following comment on an article: “Thank you for opening our eyes to the power of blogs before reading your article I had a negative view of blogs, my opinion is a strong statement was .. saying “I need attention, has anyone care? Be ‘I learned that I grew up and as secret as possible because there are fewer opportunities for people to find your weaknesses and a fool of you. It ‘s SA and to think I was trying for some time now. And now I’ll build a business that I feel I let people know me more as a way to do it. What a difference! … “This perception is understandable given the flood of ” me-centric, “blogs in existence. Write about you and your family for personal blogs when it comes to the friends. Purpose Family and professional bloggers, entrepreneurs and traders to stay connected with the center of your blog about you, your company and / or your product breaks the basic rule number model.Rule marketing new one for professional bloggers is that it ‘s not like you – it ‘ s on yourreaders.Interrupt advertising – the old method – used TV, magazines, radio and newspaper ads and other media to push products and businesses in your face. He had only one goal: to generate revenue, the company.What Changed The new model of permission marketing don ‘t you. It ‘s about your company. It ‘s about your product.It ‘ s about your customer. C ‘is the fulfillment of their desires. It ‘s about creating value for them on their terms. Your customers are in the driver’s seat ‘s, simply enter the type of transport, namely products and services they want.the nature of media has changed. Consumers of the media ‘s forced to listen most to you. TiVo viewers. Radio listeners have iPods. Users of the site ‘s have to sit in the ads – if they don ‘ t find what they want immediately, they don ‘in the way new ModelThe gone.How that to succeed in the new rules, to be successful create value for people on their terms. If you ‘s a real estate broker, you can ‘ t blog about how great you are, you ‘ve had to content that your readers care about. Talk about the changing real estate laws. Give them tips and advice for the staging of their homes and maximizingtheir returns.If you ‘s financial advisor, Don ‘ t try to convince readers that you use. Give them large amounts of free, relevant content. Configure your value in their minds.All your blogs should be directed to your readers – the solution to their problems, their desires, alleviate their professional fears.A blog ‘s your platform, shouting to the world how you . It ‘s the living room, where you welcome and serve customers, and focus exclusively on them.

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