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My experience has been the smaller bloggers poor web design, if it (on someone else’s site ‘s, of course) to see. Of course, we all have these terrible pages, which are either the owner or crew design a little color-numb and seeing a website or blog that only a mother could love.Now I will how to beat anyone not like the blog theme … after all, there is much truth “ugly ” blogs in cyberspace, make lots of money for their owners. And there are many themes in research on the web than ever for their monthly hosting fees.A factor, one of the many “ugly ” blog has become a profitable company and will help provide profitable to their owners will be paid “user-friendly .” Convenience and ease of user is “the ease with which people can of a particular tool or other human use is subject to achieve a goal.” In other words, your blog “dawn ugly ” but when it is very easy to move, and your customers can find what they need easily and without problems, then you can have a potential winner on your work is hands.Your “see ” and “feel ‘to your blogyour subsequent visits. Your visitors should be able, on every page of your blog and the country within 3-5 seconds to be able to answer these five questions: Where am I? What ‘s site or blog? Where was I? Where can I go? Where the “Home ” You only need 3-5 seconds because;? University studies have shown is how much time visitors spend looking around a single website. Find out if your visitors ‘t the answers to at least 2 or 3 of these questions, then they will (probably never be seen) on what this thing is really all about usability -. Can a stranger come to your place and this figure these 5 questions? If so, your site no matter how “ugly ” to succeed … if not, no matter how pretty it is, you have a “friend ” on your hands.Where am I? – You can be happy, you can click on your web-site by a land link to an obscure site as yours, perhaps some-sorta-wave (Web Links can divert funny sometimes) in the So First thing you need is. to check, if you check your site … can someone tell what noviceTheir website is almost immediately? Internationally known Internet Marketer Seth Godin calls “Where ‘s banana? ” He compares the people ‘ Monkey ‘Internet search for information, for example “banana ‘. Godin asks you to show your visitors the largest banana (main theme of your blog ‘s or topic) immediately. Let people know what they find your blog, your website away.If right to a non-profit squirrels on the White Mountain and then say … Don ‘t “hide “, what you do or who you are. Say “This blog is intended to save the White Mountain squirrels from extinction … ” If not, you will be a number of visitors who are looking for, what you offer, but rejected it failed, because ” they were unsure. Remove all them.What ‘s confusing on this page? – Similar to the theory of bananas do not know how well that “show and tell ” single page a new record, what ‘s there? If you have a website, with ornaments that have offers that n ‘t talk about the necklaces and rings on the same page. A theme (or mini-banana) to the page, please. Clutter Don ‘ t up to several pages I ideas.Where summer? – Keep the navigation links clean, consistent and simple. No one would want when you are inand a bedroom with the door they just disappear in a color or a sudden change or look like something else all together, but people have websites that do this sort of thing all your friends on all time.Have the Left-click and you the real truth about how they feel when you move from one side to another. The navigation links and go from one page to another, should be smooth and flawless.Where do I go now? – What do you want your visitors to do next? You have to say. Yes, you must enter their hands and clearly (digitally of course) and bring them to the next comment process.If to say in your blog … “To leave me comments scroll, scroll to the bottom of the page and let me know what you think … “. Or visit our website, print the Google Map to our store and visit us next Saturday for our Sales …: Why are so obvious? Because people are tired, stressed, anxious and want distracted.They something (oh, yeah, what was it ?…. My God … can remember ‘t) do, but before that she can remember, it is e-mails, phoneCalls, child, spouse, colleagues and superiors (drat!) interruption of their browsing experience. Your job is to ensure that your site will help them if they have the little ‘brain fark “moments.Where ‘ s ” Home “? – HE n ‘t the only one who wants to go home. Nothing ticked people (myself included) are not able to please on the original link, and quickly easily.And, call your home “home ” to find. Do the ‘call it the “index ” “FrontPage ” (I know … I did what someone at a time … email me and wanted to know where the “Back “page) the ” Menu “or a small image of a ” gate “. Call it what it is … the” Home ” or ” home “. Make sure there is always the same place and it is obvious … web design tips not want to drop down menus and mouse-overs or image maps. Use a button or a BIG single link that says HOME, which will take you to the main index page of the website or blog.Don ‘t the people to walk, like Moses, the search for “Promised Land “. Especially if you have both a HTML site and a blog. What is even one of the main site (usually static HTML) gets on the host home page, while theBlog is labeled “blog “. If more than one blog or website (subdomains) that the domain name will be the host of the house. To confuse Don ‘t people with home1 home2 or something or STEP creative.ACTION – Have “foreign ” visit their website and ask them to honestly answer these five questions above. Forum members of the industry are often very good to help each other in this way. Join a discussion group focused on a professional and ask for peer review ‘ “. You’ll be surprised. Well, I hope this article was helpful.

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