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Many consumers find themselves in debt for differing reasons. The sluggish economy has made many people redundant or has left many small businesses struggling as the knock on effects from less consumer spending filters through. Countless businesses are continually finding their finances stretched and due to cash flow problems are unable to meet their debt obligations.With so many businesses in the same situation they have the effect of only being able to provide their services or products on a pay on demand procedure, hence, the effect of significantly reducing their earning potential by simply not being able to give a 30 day credit period before payment was due or having to purchase goods or services and not having been allowed a credit facility by their suppliers.Businesses that find themselves in this situation often feel abandoned and cannot find a way out with creditors taking action with debt collection agencies.But there are solutions available for the business proprietor; it is possible that they may be able to apply for a commercial debt counselling.These type of programs cover all aspects of business debt from loans to consolidation, this entails having a third party to take over the restructuring of the business finances in a way that is suited for the business owner and to what the business can afford to pay it’s creditors, the business owner decides which debts they would like to pay first, the payments become much easier due to the restructuring whereby the payments are structured over a longer period of time.The programs are designed specifically for businesses regardless of what situation they may find themselves in, it will help them avoid bankruptcy and help protect the assets of the business, in doing so this will assist the business owner in helping them to free up their valuable time and money to concentrate on their managing their business by not having unnecessary stress and without having the harassment of debt collectors at their door, this in turn greatly increases the companies ability to survive and become financially solvent again.Once the business owner has completed the program their credit rating will remain intact, whereas if they had filed for bankruptcy their credit rating will have suffered and possible future loans applications could be declined or given at a much higher rate.It is always advisable to speak to a company with a proven track record of business debt solutions and finding out about your options before making a decision.

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