Purchase Aged Shelf Companies With Corporate Credit – ELOC – Equity Lines of Credit

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Aged Shelf Corporations & ELOC’s can help protect & grow your businesses in many different ways.1. Owners should convert existing personal businesses into corporations2. Establish corporate history, trade lines, and protect personal credit and assets.3. Owners want to establish business trade lines in the business name instead of using there personal credit or loans.4. Business has grown or wants to expand out side of local area, vendors asking for personal guarantee or company Duns Number for validation.5. Owners or entrepreneurs want or need to acquire larger corporate credit lines, Credit card lines of credit, and bank loans to finance a variety of small to mid-size businesses necessities.6. There are a million different reasons why owners & entrepreneurs need aged corpsDo not waste time building corporate credit if your plan for funding is now.Buy an aged corporate shelf company with or with out credit if you do not already have a credit ready aged corp.Consider finding an experienced service provider that is familiar with both aged corporations & aggressive lenders. They understand the process and have relationships with lenders to get things done quickly 20 – 45 days. Time will depend on the stage of business, trade lines .Do you home work, search the internet ask lots of questions, feel good about who you are doing business with, meet with them if possible, they will be an extended partner for years to come.If this is the first time you have considered an ELOC – Equity lines of Credit the typical first round is 200,000 to 300,000 cash lines of credit not business credit trade lines. Second rounds start at 500,000.00 per lender. This will vary depending on borrows personal credit score initially.If your business is established it is possible to skip first round for your business as long as you have built the corporate profile correctly and your trade lines show on your company trade references.You goal is securing unsecured lines of credit, Credit cards and trade for you business. You want to separate the business from the personal credit if you are looking to buy a home, car loans etc. Do not let the business drop you personal buying power. The business should stand on its own.Corporate brokers or service providers can provide the following:1. 5 + Aged corporations with excellent paydex scores with various commercial credit agencies.2. Provide Personal Guarantor for Aged Corporations if your credit does not meet lending requirement.3. Provide lending programs that meet your borrowing requirementsA service provider can make the difference in the future of your business for years to come.Credit Building Companies:If you are not in the need of funding now but planning for the future of your business I recommend using a credit building company to help you establish the business requirements early so in 2 years when you need larger lines of credit you will be ready.Plan a head, find yourself a good service provider early on — build a relationship with them, It could be the difference in expanding, success or failure of your business one day.Corporate credit building for your business by all means should be started as soon as possible whether you start the process or hire a company to assist you. You will thank me when the time comes for funding that you established for your business.There are several good companies out there that are relative inexpensive but well worth the investment. The down side is it can take 6-9 months to establish good trade lines small company credit cards and lines of credit for your business.Good luck with your search, many before you have gone through the same initial questions and concerns. I can assure you it can make a difference in the future of your business. Find the right service provider, live your American Dream.Coming soon Articles -1. What are you buying when you purchase an Aged Shelf Corporation?2. What lenders look for when obtaining Corporate Credit for Aged Corps.Wm Cole SmithAll Rights reserved Copyright 2008

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