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Many sites are incorporating downloadable audio content, videos, or podcasts  and are adding new content on a regular basis to encourage repeat visitors.

This is becoming very popular because people like to download and listen to this type of content at their own convenience; they can do an hour of research or planning while working out, or sitting on the beach, or riding the subway, or traveling by air.

If you do plan to add video or podcasts on a regular basis, you will want to let visitors to your Web site know that you have new podcasts available every week, every two weeks, or every month, depending on how often you are prepared to develop these.

Leverage this repeat-traffic generator with permission marketing by asking them if they’d like to receive an email when you have new downloads available. Allow them to subscribe through RSS. Use the updates as fodder for your social media applications.

Once you have developed podcasts, you might want to make them available and downloadable through a number of the online podcast directories like ( and syndication sites like TubeMogul (

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