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Picture styles on the 7D will allow you to enhance your images in-camera depending on the type of photo you are taking. There are six styles to choose from, along with three additional user-defi ned styles:

  • Standard: This general-purpose style is used to create crisp images with bold, vibrant colors. It is suitable for most scenes.
  • Portrait: This style enhances the colors in skin tone, and is used for a softerlooking image.
  • Landscape: This style enhances blues and greens, two colors that are typically visible in a landscape image.
  • Neutral: This style creates natural colors and subdued images and is a good choice if you want to do a lot of editing to your photos on the computer.
  • Faithful: This picture style is similar to the neutral style but creates better color when shooting in daylight-balanced light (color temperature of 5200K). It’s also a good option if you prefer to edit your photos on the computer.
  • Monochrome: This style creates black and white images. It’s important to note that if you use Monochrome style and shoot in JPEG, you cannot revert the image to color.



  1. Wake the camera (if necessary) by lightly pressing the Shutter button.
  2. Press the Picture Style Selection button on the back of the camera (A).
  3. Use either the Main dial or the Quick Control dial to scroll through the styles (B).
  4. Press the Set button to lock in this change.

You are also able to edit the existing picture styles by clicking the INFO button on the back of the camera and adjusting
each individual setting (sharpness, contrast, saturation, and color tone). One other important note is that you cannot change your picture style when using the Full Auto camera mode (it will automatically be set to the Standard picture style).


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