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There are some basics that every organization needs to focus on. Generating revenue through strategic marketing principles that can be used. Unfortunately, many companies have not all tasks in this area correctly. It focuses on the promotion and advertising of the product, but the results should also be measured. This is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. Since the process can be difficult, it is better to have knowledge of sales and marketing used.The first performance with an emphasis on the development of this system is to collect the necessary statistical data. Distribution is an important factor that determines effectiveness of marketing campaigns. But there are other statistics that should be considered. You have an idea of ​​whether their ads have, and provides a strong motivation. You should also know how to effectively reach potential customers. Better and more accurate statistics use the various instruments of the sales-marketing-information system. It is important to automate the data collection is the next step in the statistical analysis of extent.The you. These instruments are also needed for this. I needed to analyze sales. It is also important to better understand the demographic information to their customers. It should also be use.After for an adequate assessment of the marketing methods lead to a conclusion on the basis of sales and marketing data and analysis need to be able to develop effective strategies. It is important to be able to implement a flexible campaigns. .

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