Canon 7D, The My Menu Settings

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You may fi nd that you are constantly going back and forth in the menu to change some of the same settings over and over. Instead of going into the menu to hunt for the one item that you need to change but that you have misplaced (this happens to me all the time), take advantage of the 7D’s simple solution to help you keep a few of those settings in one place and make them easier to fi nd—the My Menu tab.

This is what the My Menu settings look like on my 7D.
FIGURE 10.1 This is what the My Menu settings look like on my 7D.

Under the My Menu tab, you have the option to register up to six different menu options and custom functions. To give you an idea of what this looks like, take a look at what I currently have registered in the My Menu tab (Figure 10.1). I usually select menu items that I use frequently so that I can quickly make changes to those settings. I do change these from time to time, but the majority of them stay put (for example, the Format menu item is one that will always remain in place).



  1. Press the Menu button and use the Main dial to select the tab to the far right (the star). Select the My Menu settings option, and press Set.
  2. Highlight the Register menu item (A), and press Set.
  3. Use the Quick Control dial to scroll through the available menu items (B); when you see one that you want to add, press the Set button and confi rm that you want to add it by selecting OK.
  4. Continue adding the items that you want until you have selected your favorites (up to six of them).
  5. You can sort your menu items as you see fi t or, if you change your mind, you can delete them individually or all at once.
  6. If you want the My Menu tab to be the fi rst menu tab that appears each time you go into the menu on your LCD Monitor, enable the Display From My Menu item (C).



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