Canon EOS 60D Charge Your Battery

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This might sound obvious, but it’s important to fully charge your battery before you begin taking photos. If you insert the battery into your camera right away, you will find that it has a little bit of juice in it, but plugging it in with the battery  charger will give you more shooting time and will get the battery off to a good start.

Once you’ve got a fully charged battery in your camera, you can register it from the setup menu. This is extremely helpful when you have more than one battery, because it will tell you information about each individual battery, such as the remaining charge, the number of photos you have taken with that battery since its last charge, and the recharge performance (Figure 1.1).

The LCD shows information such as the shutter count, recharge performance, and how much charge is left on your battery.


Canon EOS 60D Charge Your Battery

  1. Turn the camera on.
  2. Press the Menu button on the back of the camera to bring up the menu list.
  3. Use the Multi-Controller to select the last setup menu tab (third tab from the right).
  4. Select the Battery Info option using the Set button (A).
  5. Press the Info button on the right side of your camera.
  6. Select Register, on the bottom left, to register your battery (B). Then press OK on the next screen and your battery is now registered.


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