Canon PowerShot G12, Locking the Exposure Level

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Not everything is automatically locked once you begin recording. The camera tries to dynamically compensate for exposure fluctuations (moving from bright to shaded areas, for example) as you record, which can often be a distraction. Fortunately, you can manually adjust and lock the exposure level before recording. (Changing the setting on the Exposure Compensation dial, however, has no effect.)

Setting the Exposure

Setting the Exposure
Setting the Exposure

  1. With the camera in Movie mode, press the * AE Lock button when the exposure level is to your liking.
  2. With an eye on the exposure shift bar that appears, use the Control dial to adjust the exposure in one-third stop increments.
  3. Press the shutter button to begin recording, or press the * AE Lock button again to disable the lock. Once you do start recording, you can’t adjust the exposure manually.

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