Christian Debt Consolidation Loans

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Prior to the 20th century debt was looked upon as evil and only used by people with poor character. Following world war II the use of consumer credit became more common. In the mid 1970’s the nation’s consumer debt was approximately 8 billion dollars. Today there is a whole generation of people who have grown up using credit cards and our present consumer debt is approaching 900 Billion dollars most of which has accrued through use or misuse of credit cards. Proverbs states correctly that the when it comes to debt the “borrower is the slave of the lender”.Christian debt counseling has many benefits that are not found in secular debt counseling. The authority of the biblical teaching concerning debt is quite clear. The evils of debt are demonstrated repeated throughout the bible. Christian debt counselors will use these teachings to develop debt elimination plans according to scriptural principles. Eliminating and staying out of debt Is a long held God given responsibility.Christian debt consolidation loans are only available from Christian based financial institutions. In most cases the features and interest rates are very competitive with other sources of debt consolidation loans. Your financial counselor will help you decide whether or not you need to consolidate your debt. In many cases biblical principles will be used pay off your debts according to a sound financial plan. After all using Christian debt consolidation loans is just changing one form of debt for another. Debt is debt and all is evil.Obviously using a Christian debt consolidation loans is far better than filing bankruptcy. It may be the only feasible alternative for a family lower its debt to a level that allows them to make their monthly debt payments. Remember the money that is saved by using Christian debt consolidation loan should be used to provide for the basic needs of the family and not to purchase more unneeded consumable goods. All Christian financial counselors will require you to stop borrowing money immediately. That means cutting up all your credit cards and living within your means. Living debt free is a Godly principle that will empower you to live a Christian life.The use of Christian debt consolidation loans is only a temporary step in your goal to be totally debt free. In many cases if you use the steps in a good debt elimination plan you will find that you can be debt free in as little as three years. Your faith in God will give you the discipline that will help you to stay on the path to a debt free life.

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