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ChuanQi IP Launches Teaser Site for Blockchain-based MORPG MIR2M: The Dragonkin

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New MIR2-based Game Unveiled: Explore Captivating Professions and Epic “Sabuk Castle Siege”
Experience the thrill of the latest mobile/PC game, derived from the renowned MIR2 IP, offering three captivating professions and a grand-scale war known as the “Sabuk Castle Siege,” along with a host of other exciting features.
Prepare for an immersive gaming experience as the game sets its sights on global domination, planning to launch in over 170 countries through the cutting-edge blockchain gaming platform, “Wemix Play.”

ChuanQi IP Unveils Teaser Site for Blockchain-Based MORPG MIR2M: The Dragonkin

ChuanQi IP, a subsidiary of Wemade headed by CEO Henry Chang, has officially revealed the teaser site for their highly anticipated blockchain-based MORPG game, MIR2M: The Dragonkin, today (26th).

MIR2M: The Dragonkin, developed by XFun Games Ltd., builds upon the iconic IP of Wemade’s renowned title, The Legend of Mir 2, and offers an immersive experience on both mobile and PC platforms. The game introduces three alluring professions: Warrior, Mage, and Taoist. Players can engage in thrilling large-scale battles, including the intense “Sabuk Castle Siege,” where the strongest player on the server will be determined. Additionally, MIR2M features captivating clan content such as “Clan Protection” and “Clan Escort,” allowing players to collaborate in defending their turf or transporting prisoners.

With global aspirations, this game is set to be available in over 170 countries worldwide through Wemade’s cutting-edge blockchain gaming platform, Wemix Play.

For further information regarding MIR2M: The Dragonkin, interested players can visit Wemix Play’s website and the dedicated teaser site.

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