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If you ‘ve played the Wonder City for a few hours or if you ‘ ve played any games building Facebook for that matter, would you now, that helps you with friends is important to know. In the City of Wonder, with more allies you can expand your territory. You can also help search for people who aren t ‘even play! The application could be a long and painful process for each of your friends to help click to connect to your building. A friend of mine, I also deleted his Facebook account because I kept bugging me to help all the other days, the wonder pathetic. However, there are sites on Facebook, where the players and the City of Wonder, to come to help each other! These pages are especially helpful because people with similar interests meet. It’s really a win-win situation isn ‘t it? These pages are a great help to you rich too! Just click on the links click Help and you get to win 500 coins. Click 10 on the left and you will already be 5000 pieces even richer. However, this site has its downside too. Most of the links you hit the post ofPage soon or people links using the already.So would have helped quite often is about to create depending on your luck and timing to make the most of these pages. If done correctly, you will quickly know your friends and your level of wouldn ‘t what hit them!


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