Offsite SEO Tip: You can use a marketing guide me on Facebook?

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Since Facebook has a high page rank in Google, Facebook pages rank easily and if you have a fan page with this social networking site, you have greater advantages and your fan page will be seen easily on the net. Doing optimization efforts on your fan page will even be more ideal and bring you more chances of getting the top spot on Google.

Optimizing your fan page can be done by doing any or all of the following. For sure there may be other methods, but the following can be of help:

• Do a keyword research for the keywords you have to use in your fan page. It is a known fact that keywords are important and this can be key factor in your ranking objectives with the search engines.

• Customize your URL with the keywords you have chosen and this will give your effort an enormous effect. The relevance of these keywords will even have more optimization effect.

• Keep your Facebook fan page constantly updated since the search engines reward pages that are fresh. Constantly updating your page means reinforcing your optimization strategies more.

• Build links to your fan page and include keywords in these links. This strategy will help your page rank even higher in the search engines.

Since you are on Facebook, and this site being for social activities only, don’t use your Facebook page for marketing objectives or to promote your product. Create a separate page or business update page for this purpose.

And since you are on Facebook for your online business, there are marketing guides that you can use to make your marketing efforts more effective. What is important is to have your business page updated frequently to make it more interesting and also to get you the top spots in Google.

• Update your page with pictures of your new products or services. Pictures of your working team and other interesting photos will be of help.

• Post videos of your team at work or anything about your products. New product pictures and videos can make viewers interested.

• Have an interaction with your fans and encourage them to post pictures of their experiences when they are using your products. This effort can boost your rankings in the search engines.

• The use of videos to respond to your fan inquiries will be great for your efforts. This will have a great effect on your fans and encourage them further to interact with you.

The above marketing guidelines, when implemented efficiently, can help you achieve greater chances of ranking high in the search engines. And the most important thing is to actively build links to your site and also constantly provide updates to make your site always refreshed, and good as always in the eyes of Google.

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