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If you don ‘t heard Cityville you have to live under a rock. The new Facebook Cityville game from the same manufacturer as the game’s most successful Farmville (Zynga) just opened a few weeks, and the storm is already down. In fact it is so popular that it became the game more social dynamic in the history of Facebook … FrontierVille exceeds (even by Zynga). Indeed, it has reached 22 million players within two weeks of release – not shabby at all! But we all know people are sheep – right where he said … popular n ‘is not really good. Let us therefore ignore the large number of people chewing grass and bleating to look at what the game is really needed to. What ‘s All About Town City? The premise is a simple Cityville – in fact, if you’ve played SimCity games, you are a very good understanding of the City city have. The whole concept is a city to build the best of your ability. Sounds easy? Yeah, not so much … Way City City Planning Urban life is a difficult taskreal life and are lighter versions of computer games when they can still become very technical. Sometimes this is fascinating, it is sometimes too hard. But give Cityville ‘s contributions have planted just right – it ‘ s not easy, but it is certainly entertaining and exciting. The graphics are incredible, you can create a fully rotating 3-D graphics of buildings in the game – what a Facebook game an incredible feat of coding – and they look damn good too! Gameplay The gameplay is simple but interesting – with the right balance between agriculture, collectors and new things to always have a hook for a long time. It’s amazing how addictive it is to try to other collectors, before disconnecting – even if all you need a real Facebook CityVille Guide There are many tips for running a good City (and they are nice enough to pop-ups Cityville advice of play) – as most versions of Facebook games there is a kind of juggling raise money for new buildings, the management of timers and Friends organization that plays well to help you. In fact it is the social aspect is important is Cityville (thealmost everyone agrees Facebook Cityville Guide) – some buildings is a “single-player ‘ tax when you are out don ‘ t friends who can help you … then make sure you invite, if you sign up! There are many other bonuses for that too. Between the interface and Zynga Facebook Toolbar ‘s, you get tons of free gifts from friends who are playing well and some collectibles and collaborations that would otherwise not possible.The Big Picture: Cityville is a dependence and thoroughly game you always push your office, you start a franchise and much, much more – also scouring Google for tips Cityville in a real hobby of mine). As best friends played with almost everyone will have a kick out of the game, even more taxing (literally) to play solo. Give it a shot, you won ‘t be disappointed.

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