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Before you even start to create your Web site, you must clearly define your online objectives. What is the purpose of your site? Brainstorm with people from all parts of your organization, from the frontline clerks, to marketing and sales personnel, to customer support, to order fulfillment and administration.

Generate a comprehensive list of primary and secondary objectives. If you’re going to build this Web site, you might as well build it to achieve all of your online objectives. If you don’t brainstorm with your stakeholders, document the objectives, and discuss these objectives with your Web developer, it will be impossible for the Web developer to build you a Web site that addresses all of your objectives.

Every element of your site should relate back to your objectives. When you decide to update, add, or change any elements on your Web site, examine how these changes relate to the primary and secondary objectives you have identified. If there is not a clear match between your objectives and your intended changes, you might want to reconsider the changes. It’s amazing how many Web sites have been developed without adequate planning or without ensuring that the Web site ties in with the corporate objectives.

Some of the most common primary objectives include:

  • Advertising your product or service
  • Selling your product or service
  • Providing customer service and support
  • Providing product or corporate information
  • Creating and establishing brand identity and brand awareness or company identity and awareness.


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