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Deadly Motorcycle Crashes

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If you take a good look at some of the traffic accident statistics, the first thing you will notice is when it comes to a “car meet motorbike collision,” it is usually the fault of the car driver. There are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from the bike was in the driver’s blind spot to the car driver wasn’t able to accurately judge the speed of the motorbike.The most interesting facts and figures have come forth from a study done by the University of Southern California. They found that in nearly three quarters of motorcycle collisions, the other vehicle was – you guessed it – a passenger automobile. In most instances it was the car driver that infringed on the rights of the motorcycle’s right-of-way. Other factors are bad road conditions, alcohol, speeding, undivided roads and riding skills.This study is actually the one that made more people realize that drivers have trouble noticing motorbikes in traffic, hence the comment many people make that “I just didn’t see it until it was too late.” This is an often-repeated refrain to both the police and insurance companies when dealing with the aftermath of such accidents.Speaking of insurance companies, this is where the bike rider should definitely contact an experienced motorcycle collision lawyer; one who knows how to assess the myriad of details needed in crashes of this nature. While it might seem pointless to hire a lawyer when the insurance company has come up with a nice offer, make that call and talk to an attorney. Insurance companies are not in the business of offering you a fair settlement and your lawyer will tell you that right away.Know your rights by discussing your case with a competent motorcycle crash lawyer. S/he will put a stop to the insurance company trying to make the accident your fault just because you were riding a motorcycle. The lawyer will also ensure you get fair treatment and a just settlement from the justice system.

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