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The concept of a Decision Support System (DSS) is very broad and its definitions vary from view. DSS can take many forms, and the term can be used in particular ways.In many can be described as “an interactive, information technology and flexible, designed to assist in the management of non-structural solutions to the problem and to improve decision-making. Use the data is available to a user-friendly interface and allows for decision-making perspective. ” Computer-aided DSS business decisions is almost the structural problems in computer terminology is defined as: “.Interactive computer to solve with the help decision makers use data and unstructured models,” Although it is not possible, a precise definition, including all giving aspects of DSS. However, the term decision support system is a useful and universal name for a variety of information systems to support decision making. Each information system is a system, online transaction processing (OLTP), someone may be inclined to call the SSD. As you can see that there is no generally accepted definition of DSS.Additionally are details that make it less generic and more accurate. In addition, the SSD is a software that allows you to process certain information in the database of customers. This approach, customers will be used to identify target markets and customer behavior. The history of the concept of decision support developed DSSThe two themes: theoretical studies of organizational decision-making process takes place at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1950 and 1960, and the technical work of interactive computer systems used mainly from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1960 performed. It is believed that the concept of DSS research field was in the middle of 1970 before its intensity in 1980. In the mid-1980s, information management systems (EIS) has, group decision support systems (GDS) and the organization is developing decision support systems (ODS), a single user and model-driven DSS. Began around 1990 data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP) to expand its sad. As the millennium approached, new Web application tests were introduced. Of course, the DSS, a multi-disciplinary environment of foundations, including research database (but not only), artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, simulation, software and telecommunications. The historical development of the role of information systems has changed and expanded over the past four decades.
Emerging 10 years (1950 and ’60), “Electronic Data” can not be guaranteed for large organizations. Was used to record and store information about the accounting books, newspapers, journals and accounts. This required the support role. By the year 1960 “Management of information systems” is used to a limited number of advance reports, including profit and loss statement (P & L was then called) to create balance and sales reports. They tried to make the role of decision-making, but it does not fit. Were introduced in 1970, “Decision Support Systems”. They were interactive, as it can the user choose between many options and configurations. Not only the product that the user can create their own programs can also develop needs.The primary in 1980 to change the use of distributed computing. Instead, spread a large data center of the entire company, many organizations on a PC. This meant that instead of waiting for the current work of the institution and the Party for the experts to carry out the procedure, each user has their own computer, you can customize for their own purposes. Many poor souls struggling whims two protocols, the BIOS and DOS functionality programming.As many people, of course, their new skills to all the things that their system was able to find. Computer, instead of creating an electronic society in line with expectations produced mountains of paper, worthless. This information overload was mitigated somewhat in 1980, the use of “management information systems.” Simplified procedures, so that the leaders what they wanted, and wanted.The 1980, the first commercial application of artificial intelligence techniques in the form of “expert systems”. These programs can offer advice to a very limited area. The promise of the decision sought to management information systems in 1960, a step by step to fruition.The 1990 was to achieve a “strategic information systems.” This is mainly due to changes in the strategic issue management scholars such as Porter, R Peters, J. journey, C. Markides and Paul J. 1980. Competitive advantage has become the topic of thermal management and software have been happy to offer tools.ApplicationsThere are theoretical possibilities of creating such systems, each example domain.One information on diagnostic decision support system in the clinic. Other examples are a bank loan officer, loan-loans to the candidate or the engineering company that offers a variety of projects to check and wants to know whether we are referring competitive costs.A example, on the Canadian National Railway system, which regularly reviews may be the computer support system. Rail problem is worn or damaged, which lead to hundreds of derailments per year. In the solid state, CN managed to reduce derailments, while other companies increase.DSS There are many applications that have already been discussed. You can, however, in all regions where it is needed. In addition, the DSS developed to help you decide decisions in the stock market or in which area or segment of products on the market. DSS has limitless possibilities that can be anywhere and any time a decision will be used .


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