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Dentists and Personal Injury Lawyers Are on A List of Necessary Evils

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The term “necessary evil” is often thrown around to describe people and things that we don’t really like but have to have around. As our world gets more modern and hectic it seems that there are plenty of things and people that fall into this category from the personal injury attorneys that advertise on our TVs to that awful pink gunk that you have to drink when your stomach just won’t behave.DentistsDentistry is a noble profession practiced by some of the finest, most caring medical professionals on the planet. That’s a shame too because most of us would rather face tortures too horrendous to mention rather than see one of them. But wake up with a toothache or blow out a filling and you’ll beat a path to their door. Dentists have a bad rap that goes back to the days when most dentistry was practiced by barbers or medical doctors. We associate doctors with healing but associate dentists with pain and suffering when that’s just not the case. Chances are you’ll be in less pain when you leave the dentist that you were when you arrived, and if you’d visit a bit more often you probably wouldn’t have been hurting at all.S.U.V.’sS.U.V’.s or sports utility vehicles are praised and vilified at an almost equal rate. Detractors say they use too much gas and kill too many people in accidents. Even people that like the big vehicles will fuss about how much space they take up in the driveway or how costly they are to operate. Surprisingly almost all of this is untrue. While these vehicles use more gas than passenger cars they are usually more fuel-efficient than trucks, and studies have shown them to be more survivable than any other type of vehicle on the road in most accidents. Still you’ll probably gripe about them until you need to get to work in ten inches of fresh snow or have a couple dozen packages to take home after a day at the mall.Personal Injury LawyersIf you can’t make a joke about anything else you can always fall back on attorneys, especially injury lawyers. And the thing is nobody will be offended by it, even the attorneys at the butt of the jokes. However if you find yourself injured because of the actions of another person or a company at personal injury attorney is probably the first person you’ll call, and for good reason. Personal injury attorneys are your only hope of fighting big insurance companies or large corporations and having a chance to get the benefits you deserve. No matter how big or small your claim might be you have to understand the intricacies of the law in order to have a chance at justice, and even if you don’t like them personal injury attorneys are your best chance to get your life back on track after an injury caused by someone else.Pink BismuthPink bismuth is marketed under several brand names and is a staple in most every medicine cabinet. Nobody likes the too sweet, almost minty, chalky taste, that is until you have an upset stomach, and then the stuff is the nectar of the gods. A good way to tell if someone is really sick or faking it is to offer up a dose of the pink elixir. If they fuss and grouse about taking it then they’re not as sick as they claim to be, but if they take it without a fight you can bet you have one sick patient on your hands. Of course as soon as they’re well they’ll berate and deride pink bismuth, but they’ll be looking for it in the medicine cabinet the next time their stomach is upset.Necessary evils are a part of life. From chalky pink medicine to the personal injury lawyer on your TV there are a lot of things in our modern lives that we just don’t appreciate until we need them.

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