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Discover Everfrost, a New Region, and Unleash the Power of the Guardian Class in Black Desert Mobile

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Pearl Abyss has exciting news for adventurers in Black Desert Mobile with the introduction of the highly anticipated new region, “Everfrost,” and the powerful new class, “Guardian.” Embark on an epic journey through a land perpetually gripped by cold and join forces with the Guardian to conquer formidable monsters.

Everfrost is an expansive and seamless region, shrouded in a perpetual snowfall. As adventurers venture into this frozen expanse, they must equip themselves with the indispensable “Citron Tea” to withstand the harsh cold. Each serving of Citron Tea grants 20 minutes of warmth and must be consumed within 24 hours. Completing in-game storylines rewards adventurers with daily supplies of Citron Tea, while additional opportunities to acquire it arise through various quests and events.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced adventurer, the addition of Everfrost in Black Desert Mobile promises excitement for all. Newcomers can jump right into the frigid landscapes of Everfrost by completing essential quests and registering their Family name. By completing the five questlines specific to Everfrost, they can unlock a faster progression pace and swiftly conquer the main quests, setting them on an exhilarating path to success.

Black Desert Mobile’s latest update introduces the highly sought-after Eternal Accessories, the pinnacle of accessory grade. Adventurers now have the chance to acquire these coveted items by looting them or crafting them using the exclusive materials: “Voidsent Eye,” “Chaos Jewel,” and “Ah’krad.” These precious resources can be found through exploration in the breathtaking Everfrost region.

As if that weren’t thrilling enough, a formidable new boss, “Erebjork,” awaits adventurers in Everfrost. By obtaining the elusive “Dreadwinter Heart” dropped within the region, adventurers can unleash this fearsome creature. Activate the “Heart-Melting Flame” within Erebjork’s Realm using the heart, and prepare for an intense battle. Triumph over Erebjork to earn an array of valuable rewards.

Not only does the Everfrost update bring these exciting additions, but it also heralds the arrival of the long-awaited Guardian class. The Guardian, a formidable female warrior dedicated to safeguarding Everfrost, fearlessly charges into battle with her formidable physique, mercilessly striking down enemies. Armed with her powerful Main Weapon, the Battle Axe, and the strategic use of her Sub-Weapon, the Battle Shield, she awaits the opportune moment to deliver a devastating blow.

Prepare to embrace the chilling winds of Everfrost, conquer mighty foes, and unleash the true potential of the Guardian class in Black Desert Mobile’s latest update.

Her most deadly skills are as follows:

  • Bonechill Strike: Guardian focuses the power into her Battle Axe and slams the ground to send powerful shockwaves toward the enemy in a wide area.
  • Hellfrost: Using the Battle Axe, Guardian draws power from the earth and unleashes it around her.
  • Shield Blitz: Guardian raises her shield and charges forward, pushing back everything that stands in her way.
  • Call of the Dragon (Passive): With this passive skill, effects are applied when Guardian uses any of her skills. She can recover HP when using certain skills. This passive also bestows increased Max Crit Chance and Max Crit Damage.

Moreover, to celebrate the arrival of Everfrost and Guardian, an array of events is waiting for Adventurers. With special in-game events, Adventurers can obtain various rewards including “Caphras Accessories,” “Citron Tea,” and “Restoration Scroll,” which can enhance their journey in Everfrost.

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