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Penalties that are associated with Driving under the Influence (DUI) cases can be severe. An offender may even face a court trial and be sentenced in a rehabilitation phase along with the mandatory study of DUI classes in an accredited and legitimate institution.Driving under the Influence is sanctioned when a driver is caught because of a driving violation, plus the fact that he or she made the infringement under the effects of dangerous drugs or alcohol. The offender would not just pay for his first offense but for the branch offenses as well. DUI now turns to his primary offense; depending on the state the driver is caught.An offender’s license will be confiscated and he or she will be escorted to a local police precinct where he or she will be charged formally. He would then need to contact a lawyer that would hear his case and act as his counsel until the case is formally tried or acquitted. Usually, the lawyer will provide the location of a reputable DUI class and see to it that the offender will attend all the number of classes that the court has given.Hazel Horner of Los Angeles, California commented: “At first, I, attending DUI classes was unthinkable and unbearable. I never thought that it would be mind changing – giving me a new sense of driving direction and would give me the mindset of being responsible and safe on the road.” Offenders such as Hazel started first with feelings of trepidation and anxiety but finished with better driving habits as they discover the professionalism and the guidance of concerned staff of a reputable and widely accredited institution – Positive Adjustments.Attending DUI classes is not an easy thing to accept and fit in to one’s hectic schedule. But, this is very important to ensure that an offender’s driving is fit and acceptable on the road. Safety measures will be learned thus, avoiding unwanted accidents and saving innocent lives. Numerous DUI class attendees gave their positive comments regarding their classes – especially their DUI alcohol class which gave them insights about alcohol and its detrimental effects on the health and judgment, not only on the road but on other phases of life as well. The experience will be worth it.

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