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An eBrochure is similar to a paper brochure. It contains all of the information you want your target market to read.

An iBrochure is similar to the eBrochure except that it implements elements of macromedia flash and page-turning capability. The iBrochures also use a simple point-and-click format, as if you were turning the pages of a brochure or magazine.

These iBrochures can be developed by you or you can have a professional develop them. There are free online sites like Issuu ( where you can upload any pdf file and they turn it into an iBrochure within seconds. Madden Media is one of the leaders in the travel industry, developing amazing iBrochures.

Madden Media’s iBrochure for Tucson, AZ, featured in Figure 17.4, is an excellent example of how to get the most out of an iBrochure. There is the option of clicking on the specific parts of the iBrochure you are interested in reading, or you can flip through and read all pages. They have also integrated other Internet marketing techniques into their iBrochures as well, such as viral marketing with their “tell a friend” button. They have integrated the reservation software with the “book a room” button so that those who are ready to purchase do not have to go to a separate Web site. They have also used the call to action “bookmark this site” element we talked about earlier in this book. They are also giving something away for free with their “free visitor info” button.

Some iBrochures use interactive maps and calendars. Most eBrochures and iBrochures may, depending on the file size, easily be downloaded from your site, sent to customers or prospective customers via email, or handed out on CD or DVD. Both complement your existing Web site and branding strategy and open up a whole new way of communicating with existing and prospective customers. Both eBrochures and iBrochures have the advantage of easily being updated or corrected.

Madden Media’s iBrochure for Tucson, AZ.

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