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The Many Uses of Blogs

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Before you decide to blog, you should go back to your objectives. Why do you want to blog? What do you hope to accomplish? Is this the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to achieve that objective?

There are different reasons businesses decide to blog or use a blog platform:

  • To have another vehicle to reach their target market—if you have a hard time finding time to update your existing Web site, realize that you will have a hard time finding the time to blog.
  • To give key company officials a voice online
  • To improve their search engine ranking
  • To replace their traditional Web site—a Web site template on a blog engine makes it easy for the small-business person to update and maintain the Web site without outside help.
  • To feed their social media.

Go back to your objectives first to determine if a blog is the best solution to achieve your objectives.

Blog marketing can take several forms:

  • You can have your blog in addition to your Web site.
  • You can have the blog as your Web site or Web presence.
  • You can post on others’ blogs.
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