Eco-Chic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Even though two out of three consumers started their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving Day, retailers are still counting on a big bump in sales. So as we approach Black Friday & Cyber Monday, retailers flaunt more and more enticing offers to lure consumers into their stores (or onto their website.)According to Yahoo! Shopping, technology-related products and jewels seem to be the most sought-after gifts this season. So here are a few ways to go green when checking for these categories off your list!TECH-PRODUCTS: Here are a few estimates of the average life spans of a few popular gadgets in the U.S., courtesy of & Gamer.Blorge:• Cell phone: 4 years
• iPod: 2-3 years
• Nintendo Wii console: 4-6 yearsAccording to the EPA, of the roughly 2.25 million tons of used and unwanted electronics each year, 18% is collected for recycling and roughly 82% winds up in landfills. Once in the landfills, harmful chemicals leach out of these components and eventually end up in the groundwater.Find great deals on green electronics, search Google for sites like this one from Dell. Once you’ve gifted the item, share ways in which your loved one can extend the life of what they just received. Once these items are done-with or if someone you know demands an upgrade, then donate them or recycle them responsibly.JEWELRY: For jewelry, why be boring and risk the chance of buying a gift that hundreds of stores are carrying? Instead, be eco-chic by supporting eco-friendly companies and/or local and independent artists, which will help keep money in your and the Green America directory of Green Businesses for a wide variety of options.Let us know if you have any favorite online stores or great green gift ideas by joining us on Facebook and Twitter!Happy shopping greenies!!

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