Federal Consolidation Student Loans – Difference Between Federal and Private Student Loans

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The best tool for managing a few debts is the student loan consolidation. This helps you mix all your private or federal student loans into a single one with longer terms and affordable payment.In the US, there are two types of student loan categories available: the federal student loans and the private student loans.The federal student loan consolidation will help a student combine all his loans into a single one with a very low interest rate. Also the length of the payment term can be set according to his needs. A student can ask for a federal consolidation loan from various financial institutions each offering great loan packages.On the downside, the low monthly payments will help increasing the full total amount to be repaid. Even so the federal consolidation student loans offer the following beneficial features:- Interest rate – the rates offered by the federal consolidation student loan is considerably lower than any other private loan plan.- Monthly payments – the monthly payments are now affordable and won’t endanger your budget- Single loan – each month you’ll have only one payment to make.If a student is not enrolled in any school and has repaid any other previous loans in time or he is in grace period after post graduation then he is eligible for federal consolidation loans. The minimum amount is $10,000 or more.The students that already have federal educational loans are eligible also for consolidation loans. The student debt consolidation loan doesn’t include the private education loans.A student can apply for a federal consolidation loan at several companies and institutions such as: secondary markets, banks and credit unions.The federal loan interest amount is tax deductible and that’s why it would be best not to mix federal and private loans. If the student does that, he’ll only lose its advantages offered by a federal consolidation loan.

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