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In reality, finding government approved debt consolidation companies can be very difficult. The United States Government does not approve them unless the company is true to their word and offers a service of reducing debt and liability either free of charge or with a minimal, one-time payment. A search on the Internet would bring about so many returns that you would not have enough time to look at even the pages that Google gives you.Think about this for one moment, if it was that easy to reduce overall family debt by upwards of 60 to 70%, then why are there bankruptcies, in the hundreds of thousands, occurring daily? It is questions like this that you must ask yourself and finding government approved debt consolidation companies is akin to finding a needle in a haystack, an invisible fairy-tale needle, that is.Do not be disheartened that the Federal Government does not back any debt consolidation company as you should feel good that they don’t. The reason why is that faith in the United States Government would be far fleeting and not very strong it they were to shine their approving-light upon one or a few. That will never happen and here are the reasons why. The Federal Government believes in capitalism and in as much as it believes in it, capitalism is the basis of the country’s economical force, any industry that is built upon shaky ground cannot be backed. This goes against everything they have to offer when it comes to that all-important section of our citizen’s financial wherewithal.What would happen if the United States Government said ‘Yes we back and uphold Bobs Debt Consolidation Service please utilize their services!’ Bobs Debt Consolidation Company would be flooded with business and times will be good, for while, until the flipside of that coin is transpired and it will happen. Enough of the customers will get tired of getting ripped off or not getting their personal debt whittled-down to 30 to 40% off, and will start complaining to the same government that had directed them to Bob’s Debt Consolidation Service. That is not good business for the United States Federal or State Government.With that said there still is a way to utilize the services of a debt consolidation company and not get so burned. In a nutshell here’s how the entire debt consolidation or debt settlement company industry works. Joe customer contacts the debt consolidation company and inquires about their services. The debt consolidation company starts in with a pitch that promises to lower their debt by as much as 70% and sometimes fails to mention the 20% of the debt is paid up front to the debt settlement company only.This hidden fee is weaved into the repayment structure usually always within the first one through four monthly payments. The industry thinks that the customer will be so ecstatic on receiving a discount for a few credit cards that they will be blind to the obvious fact that their first few payments do not count one dime towards the interest and definitely not the principle of said debts.That’s the problem with the entire debt consolidation industry and is the reason why so many people shake their heads in disbelief as the company stays in business. If you are dead-set on using a debt consolidation company to get started in paying down the family budget, that’s fine but please remember that the United States Federal Government does not back any debt settlement company and sees the entire industry as inherently ‘problematic’.

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