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Users of the mobile client application can express preferences for which surveys they’d like to see on their devices. In the initial version of the application, the criteria will be a list of preferred tenants (survey creators such as Adatum and Fabrikam in the sample). There are two scenarios where the Tailspin Surveys service must filter data based on filter criteria from the client:

  • The cloud service can send notifications to mobile clients to tell them when new surveys are available. The notification service should only send a notification to a user if one of the user’s preferred tenants created the new survey.
  • When the mobile client synchronizes its data with the Tailspin Surveys service, the phone should only receive surveys created by the user’s preferred tenants.

Overview of the Solution

There are three tasks that make up the filtering functionality in the Tailspin Surveys application: registering the user’s preferences, identifying which devices to notify when a tenant adds a new survey, and identifying which surveys to include in the synchronization process.



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