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Finding Appropriate E-zines for Your Marketing Effort

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There are many locations online to find lists and links to both Web-based and email e-zines. A number of these resources are listed in the Internet Resources section of my Web site, referenced at the end of this chapter.

You evaluate an e-zine’s marketing potential by its audience, reach, and effectiveness. The most important thing when choosing an e-zine is to find one that reaches your target market. E-zine ads are effective because there is a high correlation between the target customer and the magazine’s subscribers. If you advertise in an e-zine simply because it has the largest subscriber rate, you will probably be disappointed unless your products and services have mass-market appeal.

You should review a number of the e-zine-listing sites, such as the one shown in Figure 17.3. Some of these sites have keyword search capabilities. Others have their e-zines listed by category. Once you have a list of e-zines you feel fit well with your marketing objectives, you should subscribe and begin reviewing these e-zines. allows e-zine publishers to list their e-zines and visitors to write reviews/rate them.

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