Fisher Price IXL Learning System – An iPad Like Device for Children

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Even though many of us may not want to think about it, the Christmas 2010 season is quickly sneaking up on us, leaving us to plan our Christmas shopping for the coming season. While many of us can put off most of our shopping till Black Friday, it is usually not a good idea for children, especially if some of the items on their Christmas list are on the hot toy list for the Christmas 2010 season. One toy that has been getting a great deal of publicity this season from many popular toy sites is the Fisher Price IXL Learning System.Unlike many other learning computers that had been previously made by Fisher Price, the Fisher Price IXL Learning System was created with the iPad in mind, giving children a touch screened computer that allows them to be just like Mommy and Daddy. What makes this hand held computer even more unique however, is the fact that it is actually six learning activities in one, allowing children to access on their touch screen a photo album, storybook, notebook, music player, art studio, and game player. This hand held computer comes with the software already loaded and it is out of the box ready to be used. It is lightweight, opens like a book and has an attached stylus. It is produced in a red/silver combination, a blue color, and a pink color. The Fisher Price IXL Learning System’s included USB cord connects to both and is PC and Mac compatible. Once connected you can load your own photos, music and additional software to the device. It has a slot to expand the memory and there is additional software that can be purchased. Like many other Fisher Price computers, this activity center is made with the purpose of helping young mind’s develop without having parents spend a fortune on new games for the device.For children who are constantly on the go, the Fisher Price IXL Learning System is an ideal Christmas gift, designed for children ages 3 to 7. This iPad like device is perfect for entertaining children in the car, on a plane ride to Grandma’s house, or in a waiting room. It is very useful for quiet time for children who no longer nap but need some down time during the day.While many parents may love the idea of this gift being delivered by Santa, there is one catch – the fact that nearly every other parents in the United States wants one for their child. Due to only a limited number of the Fisher Price IXL Learning System being produced, most toy stores are already running out of this popular toy, creating long waiting lists and the hope that it will be in before Christmas.Before deciding to go purchase the Fisher Price I XL Learning System, make sure you go to first to learn a bit more about this toy. Along with giving you the information you need to know, they will tell you where exactly to find this highly desired toy.

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