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The “WOW” Factor

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In today’s very competitive world your site has to have WOW factor—you need to have your visitors at hello with engaging content, interactivity, originality, some surprise or really cool feature that sets your site apart from your competition. From the second the visitor arrives at your home page or your landing page they need to know that you are different . . . that they have arrived at the perfect place.

Links to my social media

Social Media Links

Provide links to all your social media and social networking profiles from your site (See Figure 6.1). If this is something you want your visitors to do make it prominent and include the links on a consistent place on every page of your site so that no matter where they entered you site they are exposed to the opportunity.

eBrochures and iBrochures

eBrochures are simply electronic brochures. They are similar to paper brochures in that they contain all the information you want your target market to read. An iBrochure is similar again, except that it implements elements of interactivity.

iBrochures implement Macromedia flash and page-turning capability with a simple point-and-click format, as if the viewer is turning the pages of a brochure or magazine. iBrochures can also implement interactive maps and calendars.

iBrochure for Augusta

Electronic brochures (see Figure 6.2) are a great way of providing an easily accessible, easily updated means of communicating with existing and prospective customers. Both eBrochures and iBrochures complement your existing Web site and branding strategy and are covered in more depth

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