Five Tips to Help Stay on Top of Your College Debt

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College just isn’t for frat parties, and drinking. It does serve to set you up for life in a good job. By good, we mean one where you are generally in a nice air conditioned office and have less chance of injuring yourself with hot smelter. Unfortunately the costs of college are huge, and many students spend the first five or so years of their working life paying their student loans back. Listed below are five tips to help you stay on top of your college debt.Tip 1: Open a 529 collage saving account: Now is the perfect time to start saving for your collage or your children’s collage fees. Remember that 529 accounts are tax free.Tip 2: Lower your student loan rate: Consolidating student loans can reduce your interest by several percent, which will save you hundred of dollars. Also see if there are lenders who reward you for automatic payments or on time payments.Tip 3: Negotiate your student debt: There are several lending institutes that undertake graduated payment schedules. If you are in a large amount of debt this is something to consider. Payments in a graduated payment schedule start out small and then increase over time as your income increases. We recommend this only when you are in severe trouble. Your first option should be to try and pay it off as quickly as you can.Tip 4: Apply for aid: There are low interest products for collage loans, and also a number of payments you can receive. Often many grants go untapped every year as people are unaware of them. Doing your research on potential aids and grants is time well spent.Tip 5: Don’t get any non-academic debt: While buying a Play Station Three on credit seems like a good idea at the time, definitely try and restrict all your debts to purely academic debt. This way when you finish collage and get a job, you will have the least amount to pay. Then you can afford the play station 4.So there you have it, five tips to help you stay on top of your College debt. Follow these and you will set yourself up on the right track in life.

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