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Despite the improvements in information technology, computers (including the modern is based) do not take. However, the efficiency of economic activities, the efficiency and effectiveness of the software industry changed management.In previous article, we will help on superficial aspects such as modern management systems, companies, to concentrate information. We have seen how computers run faster and improve operations. He also mentioned that there is a general category of enterprise software – office supplies, software functions, like accounting and inventory software industry and software sales. In this article we will examine the role that make more analytical support systems.Decision management information, analysis and problem-managing business processes of Governors often make decisions that may affect the company’s fate one way or another. For example, the company has branches and distributors of a wide geographical area in which to optimize the logistics to deliver goods to shops. The best solution may be by various factors, such as patterns of demand of goods availability, distance, and the use to be affected by external storage media (two objections to the form, and can provide solutions for low-cost long-distance lead) and not in our vehicles. While it may be possible to use complex mathematical formulas to compute the best hand, computers change the entire process of routine feeding of certain input of information and suggestions for better solutions in production. The task can be performed in a few minutes (not hours or days), and it is possible for a number of alternative solutions before a more realistic feel. Identify problems and analyze the factors that cause the transformation of modern computer systems. Generated in a typical GIS, standard reports at regular intervals against the actual results of the initial forecasts. The software creates a report, you can download the exceptions, for example, significant differences in the initial estimates and actual results. Therefore, the leaders recognize the problem points in normal work on the reports they get to see, without the collection and detailed calculations themselves.Identifying factors for this problem can also be routine to a certain extent, using tools such as the variance. The variance is the standard cost system that the estimation error (or standard) is the reason for the price of factors of the materials used, divided the excessive use of materials, unexpected downtime of machines, etc., a very detailed report, Manager , the problem of factors, such as investigating, for example, there was excessive use of materials.Control performed by analysis of variance. Been the annual accounts for all actions in a coordinated party administrators created. For example, sales should be determined on the level of production, production quantities are determined by the purchase of raw materials and so on. Good management information system, it is possible to generate reports to actual sales, production, supply, etc. against an estimated levels.The reports allow administrators to keep an eye on things and compare corrective measures quickly. For example, the production decline in the sales (or sales), to look for specific products and are willing to adapt programs to production managers and purchasing and supply store is the rapid assembly of materials. MIS to improve the quality of communication in the world and can significantly improve the efficiency of GIS and human teams control.Effective togetherThe Note that the SIG is just information, but active in the responsibility of managers in the public sector. And the “synergy between the team effectively, accurately and quickly, and people of common sense, intelligence and a process that gives you the real power that GIS .

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