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Many people dream of renovating and upgrading their homes. They are held back because of rising costs of amenities and high interest rates of the mortgage loans. Homeowners can certainly take advantage of their home with a HELOC or home equity line of credit.Many borrowers have queries regarding a HELOC. The most common question is on the meaning of HELOC, and what sets it apart from a home equity loan. Customers need to be informed that HELOC is the acronym of a Home Equity Line of Credit. It offers a mortgage loan with the option of taking it wholly or a part thereof. This is not the case in a home equity loan.Customers are also interested in knowing the advantages of HELOC over other loans. The interest rate is normally lower than the interest rate paid on credit cards and other kinds of non-secured debts. The interest rates on credit cards and personal loans are generally non-tax deductible, but the interest paid on HELOC is tax deductible.This loan can be used for debt consolidation to pay off high interest credit card debts, home renovation and improvements, purchasing and refinancing a home, to pay off educational expenses and university and college tuition fees. Another important query is about the qualification criteria and calculation of the amount of credit. Usually the credit history of a person is evaluated, along with relevant information on employment, income, type of property and existing mortgage or other loans. The amount of loan is calculated on the value of the home and the applicable credit limits.People are also concerned about additional hidden costs that might burden the repayment period. Generally most banks and lenders do not charge any additional expenses, except an annual fee for their services to the borrower.

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