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With so much information available today, it’s very important to get the visitors attention and differentiate yourself from your competition as much as possible. Whether it’s an article you posted on a social media site, a page that is competing against 9 other pages on the first page of Google, or an email sent out to a subscriber list; the title is almost always the first thing the viewer sees. Sometimes it’s the only difference between them reading your material or skipping over it. It would be a shame if some of your competitors are stealing a sizable portion of your audience (never mind that they produce inferior content and rank below you on the search engines!) simply because they have a catchier title than yours. Alternatively, maybe your subscribers are not opening up your emails because the titles are dry and boring.It’s time to treat titles seriously and not just as an afterthought. This is especially true if you are just starting out and your readership is at a minimum. Here is your article marketing guide to improve titles and headlines.Article Marketing Guide Rule: Include Suitable Keywords
I know this seems obvious, but it goes beyond just relevancy. It’s more about finding your audience. You’ll need to find the terms and phrases that people are searching for. You will want to find a niche that has an active market and is not overly competitive. Most of you may probably know your general niche but may need to narrow it down some more. For example, instead of using a keyword such as “swimming techniques” for a certain webpage, you may want to try “swimming styles” instead, which has lower online competition. There are many keyword tools to help you find your niche including WordTracker and the free Market Samurai software.Article Marketing Guide Suggestion #1: Title First!
Try to title your article or post right away. It is okay if you are not exactly sure where the article is going while you are writing it, but try to think of a title before you get too far into the writing process. I believe this will not only tighten up your writing and give it some direction but will also lessen the chances of you rushing and giving it a “gung-ho” name right at the end. I doubt I have been the only one who is less than motivated at the end of an article! We want to reward ourselves at the end of writing by posting and publishing our article. When nothing but the title and the summary stand in the way of this reward, there is a greater likelihood that these important parts of our article are given very little thought.Article Marketing Guide Suggestion #2: Try to Keep the Title Under Ten Words
This tip is definitely not written in stone but try not to exceed ten words. It is especially hard to keep it minimalist when you have a longer keyword phrase you are working with! If you have a longer title, consider breaking it into two parts (e.g. The Lazy Project Manager: How to be twice as productive and still leave the office early).Article Marketing Guide Suggestion #3: Be Unique!
Don’t be afraid to try something outside the norm! Sometimes the simplest or outside-the-box titles get the most views. E-mail lists are a great way to test your titling skills. If you got a good idea, go for it.

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