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Why does the world need an Affiliate Marketing Guide? Well, very simply because more and more people are looking to establish an online business either as a supplementary income or a replacement income. This climate is not the most conducive to finding full time employment for many, so the growth in online business is huge.This article will be the first in a series for the Affiliate Marketing Guide and my experience tells me that anyone starting out needs a real helping hand. The glib line of “build a list” and “sell the product” makes it sound like a complete doddle but it isn’t. It is a simple business, but it is not easy and there is a big difference between the two! I want these articles to be a help to those starting out.So, where do you start?
Pick a niche. Sounds obvious but many approach this from the wrong end – the product! Do not start there or you will drive yourself to distraction. Start with a solution! People search on the internet for a solution to a problem or a question. So, what is the solution that you are trying to resolve? A good definition of a niche is a group of people who are searching for the same solution. The solution may be a product, but it is not the starting point
Do your keyword search. Don’t rely fully on the information you have in your head, or what your family think, to determine whether the niche you have uncovered is a good one or not. You must do your research. There are plenty of tools available to help you here, but starting out just focus on what is available to you for free. Look up Google Keywords – it is a free tool and this will easily help you to determine how many people search every month for those keywords, and give you an indication of how competitive those words are. Both these figures are really important.
Get into action. Just get going! Set up your blog or your site and just get into action. If that sounds like a rash piece of advice, then I don’t mean it to sound like that. But, I believe that you will learn as you do! The worst thing you could do is say to yourself “I’ll wait until I am an expert before I…”. That’s a disastrous mentality to take. Get out there and find what is working and what is not.That’s it for this article. More will follow, so keep on the look further articles from the Affiliate Marketing Guide.Talk soon.

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