Home Refinancing – How to Refinance Your Mortgage to Prevent Foreclosure

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Hundreds of thousands of families have received the dreaded notice of foreclosure proceedings. Many families assume that a foreclosure notice means the writing is on the wall. They may not know that you can refinance your mortgage and prevent foreclosure more often than not. There are some steps you will need to take, difficult steps, but it can be done. And it will be worth it.1. Don’t avoid talking to your lender. Pull out your mortgage statements. Find contact number for your lender. Call them right away. Ask them these questions: What is the total cash amount I need to send you to resolve my account? Write that number down. Is there any way I could refinance this mortgage to terms I could afford in my new situation? What cash would I need to bring to the table to refinance? Can I extend the terms of my mortgage to lower the payment? (This makes them more money over the long haul, and saves your credit.)2. Raise cash to refinance – if your lender is willing to work with you to refinance your mortgage to prevent foreclosure then you will likely need cash. Only if your credit is excellent, and your financial future now secure, will you be able to wrap all the expenses into the mortgage in this lending climate. Don’t rule out any means of building cash to help you refinance your mortgage to prevent foreclosure. Get a part time job for the short term. Cut out the internet and the cable if that will help. Get personal loans using legal promissory notes from family members if they mention they are willing to help. Don’t even be afraid to send out a letter asking for support or help. You will be surprised what help you might receive if you are a trustworthy and loving person.3. Talk with other banks about a refinancing mortgage. You do not have to go with your current lender to refinance your mortgage to prevent foreclosure. They are the best place to start since many lenders will be flexible with current customers to keep them on the books, especially if they realize you have other lending options. Your mortgage makes them money the longer they keep it and you pay it. But it cannot hurt you to check with other lenders on the costs to refinance your mortgage and prevent foreclosure. If you can refinance cheaper and prevent foreclosure easier why wouldn’t you? Ask them for their APR (annual percentage rate) that you could likely receive with your credit and cash. Then compare their APR with your current lender’s APR offer. The APR wraps in points, closing costs, etc. and gives you an apples to apples comparison that a flat lender rate (the lower rate that is often quoted) cannot give you.The biggest determinant of whether or not you will be successful in your attempt to refinance your mortgage to prevent foreclosure is determination. Determination will lead you to make the calls, ask the tough questions, persevere in contacting the right people, ask for help when you need it, and work the plan you create to make your refinance happen to prevent foreclosure. Don’t give in! Keep pushing and you will find a way to refinance your mortgage and prevent foreclosure. You can keep your home, and keep your dignity if you are determined.

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